Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special times...

Well, we haven’t been at the Yayasan all last week, hence the delay with this post.  Last week was the celebration of Galungan which is like their equivalent of Christmas Day/Boxing Day so the Market was huge and very busy on Monday.  On Tuesday everyone was preparing and Galungan was on Wednesday and then Thursday was like Boxing Day – everyone relaxing and taking it easy, some of the men drinking all day and telling stories (bull….) like they do!

On Friday Brent took the bus to Tianyar and picked up Yogi and Buddi and brought them back to stay with us for a few days.  OMG you should have seen them, they were like “pigs in shyte” and their eyes nearly popped out of their little heads when they arrived and saw the house.  This place is like staying at The Ritz for them. 

They arrived after lunch and we went down to the beach for a swim and snorkel.  They loved looking at all the fish underwater and the big school of fish that’s always at the drop off.  They hadn’t brought swimming shorts so swam in their undies.   


Then we came back and had showers.  OMG they were in heaven – hot water (which they don’t have at home), they were singing away and in there ages...

They are especially taken with the toilet!  Never seen anything like it in their lives so they were heading off to the loo all the time – hehe.  Brent had to show them how it worked and told them about lifting the seat and putting it down again for Paula :-)

Then we were all starving so went up town to a local restaurant for late lunch, early dinner.  Again they had never been to a restaurant or ordered from a menu.  They stuck with what they know – good ole Nasi Goring but they woofed it down and enjoyed it.

When we came back to the house they proceeded to water and sweep the yard of leaves, like they do at school.  It was spotless when they finished.  We didn’t ask them, they just did it.  

We made them fried bananas (banana fritters) with ice cream and chocolate on top for dessert and they sat on the balcony upstairs like Kings and ate merrily.

They were then tired and felt like heading to bed so we had to explain that they had one bed each and that you sleep between the sheets.  A far cry from the shared mattress on the floor at home!  They were going to sleep in their clothes but we said no, no, take off, sleep naked :-)

They had a big pillow fight for about 1/2hr and then weren’t tired anymore – that’s kids for ya!

We have no TV here so Brent showed them some games on his iTouch which kept them amused and then we all went to bed about 9.30pm.  We could hear them chattering away for a while and then all was quiet. 

They got up sometime during the night and came downstairs to the loo, peering through the stair railing with the torch into our room (there’s no door on our room) to check us out then scampering upstairs again :-)
It’s so lovely having them here and showing them another side of life and giving us all a very special experience.

On Saturday the boys woke us early (early for us), around 6.00am so we said to give us another 15min and we’d get up.  They were downstairs before we knew it and wanted to go outside so Brent got up and let them out.  They then proceeded to water and sweep the yard again, all of their own doing.  They are such good sweet boys.

We made fresh fruit juice and I Luh (pronounced Elu)  from next door brought us over some fried bananas (she’s always bringing food over for us).  We then went for a walk up the dry river bed and into the countryside up the back before it got too hot.  It was a lovely walk through little settlements with one or two thatch huts, kids looking after their goat herd, kids and women picking wild peas, boys carrying sticks of wood, men cutting grass for their cows.  It’s such a different world here.  It’s fantastic.  It's basic.  It's real. 



  1. Hi Paula. so good to read that all is going so well and you are loving your adventure. Especially love the "It’s such a different world here. It’s fantastic. It's basic. It's real" take care my friend. Ollie xox

  2. Thanks Ollie. Yes, it certainly is an adventure and I've never been more out of my comfort zone so often as I have over here - it's all good for the soul though and it's going to be VERY hard to leave these kids and the wonderful people we have met. xx