Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home away from home...

Well, we now have a home of our own and it feels great!  It’s costing us around $16 per week more ($130 for the house per week) than where we were before but we can cook our own meals so will save a lot on food, rather than eating out at restaurants every meal.

It’s a lovely 2 storey, 2 bedroom house with a balcony upstairs and little courtyard/garden below.  We are loving having a place of our own, more space and doing our own thing at meal times.  It also means we can have people to stay, like Yogi and Buddi ...


It’s up a side road so we don’t get the main road noise we used to and there are lovely walks up the back through small settlements where you get to see the real Bali in action. 

We get our fruit and veg from the local market every 3 days and any other bits from Amlapura which is a large town about 1/2hour away that has a Supermarket of sorts.

Our first trip there a couple of weeks ago was fun.  The drive there is lovely and scenic and we leave the dryness of the coast and head more inland where the landscape changes to beautiful green rice fields and the flowing water feeding them.  It’s very pretty.

We were driving around Amlapura trying to find the Supermarket when we came across the traditional market and a guy selling little baby chicks caught our eye – you can see why!

Poor little darlings.  They cost 4000rupiah each (approx 70 cents) and come with a little colour matching cage if you pay extra. 

A little boy brought one while we were there, a little teal blue one but he didn’t get a cage, the chick got popped into a small plastic bag and off they went…


  1. Look at those colours. Do they dip them in dye? So glad you are settling in. It sounds like you relaxing & enjoying your adventure.
    Carrie Ann

  2. Hi Carrie Ann, yeah it looks like they dip them in dye...I just hope it doesn't hurt their little eyes...wonder what they look like in a month's time after their feathers develop - hehe! Still having up and down moments at times as the comfort zone gets stretched - you just never know what's around the corner or what's going to push your buttons! All good though :-)